The Warlock’s Curse is a three-part campaign set in the northern part of Faerûn. It follows a group of adventurers as they are drawn into an increasingly complex series of plots and schemes stretching across the land. Who, or what, is at the heart of this web? And will the heroes be able to stop the evil machinations before it consumes the country in war and ruin?
It is recommended that characters are at least Level 5 before beginning this adventure. In its entirety, this campaign should bring characters all the way up to Level 20; however, should you not wish to commit to such a linear path, each part of this adventure can be used individually by removing or changing the various adventure hooks that lead to subsequent parts of the campaign. At first glance, a number of the encounters in this adventure may appear unusually difficult. This is because a number of the combat scenarios – especially the boss battles – are designed to involve a number of NPCs (city guards, for example). This should keep the encounters suitably challenging, but with a greater feeling of achievement for the players (and a quicker progression of levels).

The Warlock's Curse